Welcome to Wilkins of Henley

Wilkins (Henley) Ltd is the solution to your Removals, Storage, Packing and Shipping needs. We are a reputable and trusted Removals and Logistics Company, boasting extensive positive feedback and B.A.R standard trained staff.

Headquartered in the centre of Henley-on-Thames we can offer unrivaled transport links to the length and breadth of the country with almost direct access to many arterial motorways.

We are able to offer a range of individually tailored, bespoke solutions ranging from a local residential move to an overseas corporate move. Most importantly we are able to offer a Removals, Storage, Packing and Shipping Solution that is proven, allows peace of mind and aims to minimise the stress that can often be associated with these processes in it’s fully managed service.

A Family owned and operated business for over a 150 years and growing……..

Who are we?

Our Company Mission
To provide the highest level of service to our clients without compromise. From the initial enquiry to the final stage of your move. As a family owned business we understand families and enterprise.
Care and attention
Everything from a book to a chandelier is treated as if it is priceless. Here at Wilkins we are employed to protect and safely move your furniture & effects, not to simply just move them. Through training and experience we achieve high levels on every move as standard.
Our Promise
As a family owned business for over 150 years we will provide to you the highest level of service achievable along with a friendly and courteous approach. Our knowledge and experience is our promise.
We Can Deliver for you
With our modern, diverse fleet of vehicles and our wide reaching storage facilities we can work out a manageble solution for any situation that can occur. Be it in the UK or another country we have the resources to help.


A family business for over 150 years

Oliver J Miles

Oliver J Miles
Oliver finished his education in 2003 and moved to London to work as a Trainee Manager for an International Moving company for 2 years. Whilst there he learnt all aspects of our Industry from large business moves to international moving. Upon completion of the training programme he returned to Wilkins in 2005 to continue the family tradition of all things related to moving . . .

Edward P Miles

Edward P Miles
Edward started off in the Industry in 2008 working for Wilkins for a year prior to moving to London and working for an International Moving company for 2 years. The two years spent in London was as a trainee manager learning all aspects of our industry. Following this he returned to Wilkins to continue the family tradition of all things related to moving . . .

John C Miles

John C Miles
John, Chief Operating Officer at Wilkins, has over thirty years of experience in the removals, shipping and storage trade. He has led the company’s growth strategy over recent years and built upon the success of both his Father and Grandfather. Since October 1978 he has worked at Wilkins where he has since been joined by his two sons. Both generations work together to successfully maintain the Company’s excellent reputation, as well as advance the company’s growth with constant reinvestment in exemplary vehicles and warehousing.

At Wilkins (Henley) Ltd, we pride ourselves on our personable, reliable and family run service and hold in the highest regard, the standard of service provided by our dedicated team of professionals.

The Family run business is just that, with the company being headed by Mr. J.C Miles and fully managed by the second generation. All Management staff are fully trained and have worked outside of the family company for a number of years, before holding the position within Wilkins(Henley)Ltd. The Management staff underwent a series of rigorous training programs allowing them to be fully aquatinted with the profession.

The Removals team is made up of a total of 18 staff members, all personable and highly skilled individuals, providing only the highest standards of service and care for your possessions. The Removals team are fully trained to B.A.R Standards, all attending regular refreshment-training programs set out by the company.

Each staff member within the Removals team has been trained to specialize in a certain area, so that you are assured your possessions are in the best hands when it comes to their packing, moving and unpacking.

All quotes are provided on a no-obligation, free of charge basis, by one of our Management/Sales team. A fully qualified member of the team will be happy to meet you at the relevant premises to discuss your requirements and provide a quote that suits both parties.