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A rather complicated downsize . . .

We were asked to assist a client moving from Cambridge to the Henley area. Upon my personal visit to the clients residence in Cambridge it became apparent that this was to be an extensive move requiring very skilful packing and protecting of fine artwork and delicate figurines. The client was downsizing (they had been in their current residence for 35 years) from a 18000 square feet property to a 7000 square feet property. They were not at a stage to sort and sell/dispose of any furniture so the total contents was needed to be packed, listed and stored at our facility for a period of between 6-9 months whilst their new residence had building alterations completed. As the client’s furniture was predominately antiques they would not be able to ascertain which item fitted correctly in their new residence until all the work was completed.

So with the above in mind we set out to pack and remove all the clients furniture and effects in a 7 day schedule. A complete detailed inventory was prepared as to condition and old location of the item. After 8 months our client was at a stage where they were ready to arrange the delivery to their new residence. The move from our facility to their residence was completed in a 3 day period and was completed in a very satisfactory manner. Due to the pre planning and the detailed inventory we were able to not have to deliver all the furniture and effects as the client chose from the inventory. The balance of 16 containers remain in our facility for future use by the family.

September 2012

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To Pastures New . . .

A client contacted us to organise their relocation to Australia with their 3 children, 2 dogs and their 2 cars (one being a vintage Aston Martin DB5). As this is a regular request by our customers we set about arranging the different consignments as set out below:

1 x 40ft high cubic capacity shipping container for the furniture and effects
1 x 40ft standard shipping container for the 2 x vehicles
2 x flights for their dogs
1 x airfreight consignment for the urgent personal belongings (to arrive just after the families arrival)

The above consignments needed to be arranged in a time conscious approach as the pets and airfreight ones were to the last to go and the first to arrive. After 5 days of packing and wrapping, all the furniture and effects were carefully loaded into the 40ft high cube shipping container, the value of insurance required on this shipment was £150,000.00 which was arranged through our company. This consignment arrived and was delivered 5 weeks after loading in Henley on Thames. Upon delivery all furniture was unwrapped, placed to our clients requirements and reassembled where required and the packaging removed. 2 days prior to this delivery the cars arrived safe and sound and the airfreight (with all the most important teddies in!) arrived just 1 day after our clients arrival in Australia. Thus saving the discomfort of carrying excess baggage through the Airports. The dogs joined them slightly afterwards once they had served their Quarantine time!

A large relocation of a family made simple by our expertise . . .

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A weekend office move . . .

Our client wanted to move their 50 employees from Marlow to Maidenhead, upsizing their office space as they were growing at a healthy rate. We were asked to undertake this move with a full packing and unpacking service over the course of one weekend. This was to include moving 3 large server’s and to pack and unpack 200 metre of floor to ceiling archived files. As the files were in order they needed to be packed correctly so that upon unpacking they would easily go back into their respective order. We set about pre planning as we were only able to start at 15.00hrs on the Friday and we had to be completed and unpacked by midday on the Sunday to allow the IT Technicians to reconnect the network etc. With 10 staff and 3 vehicles, 2 evening and 2 day shifts we were able to achieve the complete relocation by 10.00hrs on the Sunday. Thus allowing our client plenty of time on the Sunday to finish off preparing for their staff to return on Monday morning.

This was a fully managed (by one of our move managers) full pack and unpack relocation allowing our clients staff to finish on Friday PM and return to a fully operational workplace at 09.00hrs the following Monday. With barely any downtime effecting the business.

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