A Birds Eye View…..

Following on from a very complicated two phased, floor refurbishment at our Head Office, we are now very pleased to show our clients a wonderful photo captured from high up in the warehouse (18 metres high!). The works took over 3 weeks to complete and involved Wilkins moving over 1000 of our storage containers amongst various other items of furniture and boxes.

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Moving to Switzerland

2 of our specially equipped European vehicles packed and professionally loaded over the course of 2 days and now ready to make the 1400 mile round trip to near Basel, Switzerland. For this move we are utilising one of our largest vehicles and a smaller one due to bad access for trucks at the delivery address. So the smaller one will be running back and forth from the big truck to the residence. Needless to say, all items delivered safe and sound along with a 10/10 rating of our companies service!

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A rather precious Grand Piano……………

In the depths of our storage facility laid a 19th Century Steinway Grand Piano, which had been stored for the last 13 years. This was no ordinary Grand Piano to be stored and now to be delivered….This was a very early model and to make the move from store more interesting it needed to be delivered to an address in Central London were we would be required to hoist the piano on through what was essentially a large skylight in the roof of the 5 storey building. So we set to work planning the move; organising the closure of the road outside the building so that the crane could be in the correct position, being in London this was one of the most complicated procedures to arrange. Prior to delivery we built a purpose made wooden crate to protect the piano further and to allow the crane ties to have a safe/secure attachment point for when hoisting up over 70ft in the sky…..


On the day of the move, starting at 07.00hrs in London, we carefully attached the harness’s to the wooden crate and commenced the hoisting of the piano up and over the peak of the roof and then safely lowered it through the skylight with only 2 inches to spare either side. Once lowered, we then had to carry the piano down a flight of narrow stairs to its final position. All elements had to be taken into consideration when lifting this piano such as the wind strength and the approaching rain…….


Upon re assembly of the precious piano our client checked and played a tune on the Piano to ensure that all was in working order as it had been in storage for 13 […]

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Henley to Alderney, Channel Islands

We were contacted to assist a client in moving to Alderney, Channel Islands. This may sound like a straight forward move if you have never been to Alderney, however is rather more tricky than that. On the Island of Alderney there is no ferry with the capability of allowing a truck (or even a car) to drive from the ferry to the quayside, only a ship with a crane. As you can imagine a removal truck is rather heavy especially if it full laden with furniture/effects, this could be quite a risky manoeuvre least alone a logistical nightmare! So to remove the risk, we utilised 20ft purpose built shipping containers (designed for this) which we loaded in Poole harbour.

Now to the unload, vehicle needed, staff needed…….. Our clients new property was down a very narrow track so the movable shipping containers had to be unloaded down at the quay in Alderney and the contents shuttled from there to the house. For this we needed to bring along our very own shuttle vehicle. This was craned onto the once weekly ship from Poole and then hoisted off in Alderney! Now we could not expect our staff to sail across as this ship took the best part of two days to get there and two days back (same as the van), so flights had to be organised to and from.

Needless to say all furniture and effects reached their ultimate destination in the same condition as they were when packed and removed from the residence just outside of Henley on Thames, even our own shuttle van (pictured) managed to survive the high seas and two crane manoeuvres with out harm. It did however go on a round trip which took the best part of two weeks due to […]

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