Yes, we can provide a full packing up service which will entail our professional staff carefully packing up all effects and clearly labelling them as to the contents and location. We can also provide part packing services from glassware to books only.
Each move we undertake comes with a minimum liability cover of £25,000 as standard. Should the contents that we are moving exceed that amount further liability cover can easily be arranged prior to the move. This covers any contents of boxes that we have packed and all of your furniture/pictures/paintings. Please note that boxes that the client has packed can only be insured for total loss only as we cannot guarantee the way in which they have been packed. We also as standard provide insurance for the building we are working in against accidental damage.
When specifically asked to work on a Saturday or Sunday we would, however this can be a more expensive option compared to a standard Monday – Friday move.
Yes. If you choose our company to undertake your move with you packing your personal belongings, we would provide you with all the packing materials required to adequately pack. On the days of the removal we would bring with us the wardrobe cartons for the Hanging Clothes (as these are 5ft tall and 2ft deep/wide).
Yes, we sell a wide range of packing materials to cover any eventuality. Please email or call our office for prices and availability of stock.
Here at Wilkins we have an extensive knowledge of moving all types of pianos from small uprights to concert grand pianos. We have not come across one so far that we cannot move . . .
Yes we can provide storage for any time period, from 2 days to 5 years in our secure facility.
If it is in your intention to move house in the near future, it is highly advisable to contact us and arrange an appointment for one of our representatives to assess your requirements, even if you do not know exactly where you are moving to, we will still be able to provide you with the general cost to move. This will allow you then to budget accordingly and allocate enough time for your actual physical move. It is very common for the move to actually take longer than anticipated by our clients. So if you are planning on moving now would be the right time to seek our professional advice as to costs and method.
As a separate side to our company, we do undertake the movements of fine artwork locally and internationally. All our staff are fully trained and have the experience to ensure your most precious items are packed and moved safely.
If you have a dispute that we cannot resolve, you are more than welcome to contact:


The Furniture Ombudsman
3-4 Viewpoint Office Village

Babbage Road




T: 0333 241 3209

W: .

Yes, as professional business, we have a fully comprehensive GDPR policy which is available in many formats and fully available by request. Oliver J Miles is our Data Controller. As a possible client and or a client, you are fully entitled to request all the information that we have processed and you are able to request that we do not contact you with marketing information. We do not share the information we have processed with anyone outside our company whatsoever. By providing your information to us initially, you will be providing us (Wilkins) with your authorisation to utilise only in the process of creating an initial appointment between us, providing you with our quote and hopefully the subsequent contract between us and you. Should you have any queries regarding our GDPR, please contact Oliver J Miles.


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