We were asked to assist a client moving from Cambridge to the Henley area. Upon my personal visit to the clients residence in Cambridge it became apparent that this was to be an extensive move requiring very skilful packing and protecting of fine artwork and delicate figurines. The client was downsizing (they had been in their current residence for 35 years) from a 18000 square feet property to a 7000 square feet property. They were not at a stage to sort and sell/dispose of any furniture so the total contents was needed to be packed, listed and stored at our facility for a period of between 6-9 months whilst their new residence had building alterations completed. As the client’s furniture was predominately antiques they would not be able to ascertain which item fitted correctly in their new residence until all the work was completed.

So with the above in mind we set out to pack and remove all the clients furniture and effects in a 7 day schedule. A complete detailed inventory was prepared as to condition and old location of the item. After 8 months our client was at a stage where they were ready to arrange the delivery to their new residence. The move from our facility to their residence was completed in a 3 day period and was completed in a very satisfactory manner. Due to the pre planning and the detailed inventory we were able to not have to deliver all the furniture and effects as the client chose from the inventory. The balance of 16 containers remain in our facility for future use by the family.

September 2012